Prop protector 7 / 8" bore slide on 80mm diameter
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Prop protector 7 / 8" bore slide on 80mm diameter

Product Code: 0000500124

The Prop Protector is a simple shaft driven rope cutter,rotating with the shaft and instantly cutting any rope, weed or debrispicked up or snagged by the propeller.

Manufactured from high grade (316) Stainless Steel, theProp Protector is easy to install - fully installed in minutes - withyour boat out of the water or between tides. The clamp-on version caneven be fitted by a diver if underwater installation is required. The Prop Protectorsits on the shaft, between the propeller hub and the stern bearing,waiting to cut anything that threatens to entangle it. There are nomoving parts to fail - just a razor sharp marine grade stainless steelblade - ready to slice through most marine debris.


Before ordering refer to the specifications provided in thissite and then make sure that the UNTAPERED space on the shaft betweenthe bearing and the propeller hub is enough to accommodate the cutterand that the diameter of the blade is a minimum of 1/2" in diameterlarger than the diameter of the bearing housing and of the propellerhub. The drawing below may help you define the dimensions.


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