Ethanol fuel treatment 535 mL
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Ethanol fuel treatment 535 mL

Product Code: 7985400315

  • For all 2 cycle and 4 cycle gasoline engines
  • Ideal for all ethanol blends: E5, E10, E15 +
  • Compensates for ethanol enriched gasoline caused acidic corrosion
  • Cleans gum and shellac from the entire fuel system
  • Removes carbon buildup
  • Stabilizes fuel chemistry and treats water in fuel to protect against phase separation
  • Promotes easy starting, smooth acceleration and fuel economy
  • Compatible with all fuel treatments
  • Reduces emissions
  • Non emulsifying formula
This product stabilizes gasoline and with regular usage there is noneed for seasonal stabilizers. Add Ethanol Fuel Treatment prior to eachfuel fill up.

19.95CAD $
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