Fusion 6" 200W 2 way speakers with 3 grill option

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FUSION's Full Range Marine Speakers are designed and engineered specifically for the marine environment. FUSION's marine speakers include design innovations and materials that not only produce great sound, but also ensure a sustained high performance level during prolonged exposure to the marine elements.
Incorporating the latest German 'CURV' cone technology and titanium tweeter dome for clear, powerful sound in the harsh marine environment. 'CURV' technology incorporates a woven fibre composite which is heat pressed to form a lighter and stronger cone. This creates greater sound definition, higher output and greater resistance to the marine environment. Engineered to minimise magnetic interference to navigational equipment.
True Marine Protection
Designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and comply with International Standards for UV Stability and Salt/Fog Resistance.
True Waterproof Design
Complies with IP65 Waterproof and Dust Standards and features a fully sealed cross-over, magnet and tweeter housing with waterproof cone and surrounds.3 Pairs of Speaker Grilles Provided
3 different grille options are provided to ensure they seamlessly integrate with the aesthetics of your boat.
True Power Saving
High efficiency design reduces battery drain.
Magnetic Shielding
When installing marine electronics, magnetic interference is something that all installers take into consideration. Understanding this, FUSION has added a Bucking Magnet at the rear of the speaker motor assembly, which reduces interference that can occur with compasses or compass-based electronics*.
*As with the installation of any device with a magnetic field on a vessel, compass accuracy should be checked after installation.
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