Maintenance and repair

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Aurora inflatable maintenance kit
  • 49.95CAD $
ClamSeal for inflatable repair
  • 33.95CAD $
  • Qty:
Dinghy and  fender cleaner 750ml
  • 17.95CAD $
  • Qty:
Final Fix inflatable boat repair kit (PVC and Hypalon)
  • 99.95CAD $
  • Qty:
Inflatable boat & raft repair kit
  • 36.95CAD $
Inflatable Boat top coat paint grey
  • 61.95CAD $
Inflatable Boat top coat paint light grey
  • 61.95CAD $
Inflatable Boat top coat paint white
  • 61.95CAD $
  • Qty:
Inflatable rubber boat repair kit
  • 26.95CAD $
Vinyl repair kit
  • 7.95CAD $
West System Plastic Boat Repair Kit
  • 46.95CAD $
  • Qty: