Spidermonket compact aluminium four way usb hub

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The spidermonkey is a sleek, compact hub compatible with all your devices that can be recharged via USB.

Designedto be as space efficient as possible and to fit stylishly alongsideyour expensive gadgets, the spidermonkey features 4 USB charging ports. The first two at the top of the unit are specifically for your Appledevices such as iPad, iPhone or iPod, as they feature self-sensingtechnology which means they automatically detect which device isattached and change the charging parameters accordingly.

Thethird port has been designed primarily for Samsung, iPhone and HTCsmartphones whilst the fourth port is primarily for Nokia devices and 5Vdevices with a low power draw.  Port 4 is not suitable for iPhones. 

The spidermonkey has three input options;

- via 5V AC transformer socket
- via micro USB socket
- via 5V-30V socket

Readyto use straight out of the box, we have included a universal AC mainscharger which works in over 150 countries worldwide, but there areseveral other charging options.

You can power the spidermonkeyvia our gorilla range of chargers through the 5V-30V socket or via thepowermonkey extreme through the 5V AC socket.  Charging via thepowergorilla allows you to use the gorilla's multi-voltage settings toincrease the power to the USB sockets dependent on your needs.

Thespidermonkey can also be powered from your computer's USB port, makingit the perfect desktop product for those needing to keep gadgets chargedthroughout the day.

Housed in a tough, aluminium shell thatkeeps the internals of the spidermonkey cool, the product has a 4-lightdisplay to show individually when all 4 USB ports are working andgadgets can be charged.


*Please Note: It Is prohibitedto connect a 9V DC-in and a 5V DC-in simultaneously as all inputs are inparallel connection and could damage your devices.

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