Weems and Plath Chrome Endurance Clinometer

Product Code:2100200426

The Chrome Endurance Clinometer is used to measure the heel of avessel at sea. Knowing the heel, or angle of tilt of a vessel, is vitalfor optimum trim, as well as safety. The clinometer features a lowfriction weighted movement that indicates the angle of heel to 1 degreeaccuracy over a +/- 70 degree range. This clinometer is part of theextensive Endurance Collection which have a maintenance-free, ultra-hardfinish guaranteed to NEVER tarnish. They also feature a patentedSlide-n-Lock Mounting System that eliminates the need for visiblemounting screws and allows for easy removal for adjustments. They arealso weatherproof and designed for outdoor use.

  • Beveled glass crystal
  • O-ring seated behind glass for weatherproof construction
  • Lifetime warranty on finish and movement
  • United States Patent #7,293,456

p/n WP234000

115.95CAD $
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