Weems and Plath ChartKit Plotter

Product Code:2100200293

This affordable and portable ChartKit Plotter is part of a navigationsystem designed for quick and accurate navigating with most any chart,chartkit or chartbook.  The new design of the ChartKit Plotterespecially accommodates Admiralty Leisure, Imray chart books, andMaptech ChartKits. The ChartKit Plotter is constructed of solid woodthat incorporates an adjustable parallel arm fitted with a movablecompass rose. A see-through acrylic sheet overlays and protects theChartKit Plotter as you plot and allows for notations using the includeddry erase markers (red, black, green and blue).

The ChartKit Plotter system enables easy plotting of compass coursesand firmly supports chart work whether in the cockpit, on deck or below.Set the ChartKit Plotter's compass rose for true or magnetic north,then plot a course to a given point by aligning the rule with theintended course. The rule overlays the course on the rose on theChartKit Plotter allowing you to quickly determine the correct compasscourse to steer.  Also included with the ChartKit Plotter is a toughcase made from Tough Duck, a PVC backed polyester duck fabric, for addedstrength and durability, handle makes for easy stowage and towage.


  • 22 5/8" x 20 3/16" 
    (575 x 513 mm)


p/n wp122

182.95CAD $
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