Mosquito net 'throw over' 70cm x 120cm x 80cm

Product Code:7350059180905

Mosquito net for "step-in" hatch

Keep mosquitoes away from the cabin - put a mosquito net over the”step-in” hatch. A lead band in the edge will keep the mosquito net inplace. When you walk in/out, you only lift one side of the mosquito netand it falls easily back in its place. The mosquito net is dense enoughto keep small insects, No-see-ums , gnats outside etc.The net is suitable for most types of boats with ”step in” hatch. Themosquito net comes with a convenient storage bag.

• Easy installation
• No assembly required
• Keep mosquitoes, gnats and wasps out

Material: Polyester net and lead band
Colour: Black
Weight: 900 g
Size: 1200x700x800 mm (27"x47"x31")

146.95CAD $
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