Pettit Horizon gallon
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Pettit Horizon gallon

Product Code: 2546902135

  • Enhanced formula contains more copper for outstanding fouling control
  • Copolymer paint film minimizes build up & keeps surface smooth
  • Ablative, multi-season technology provides a continuous supply of fresh biocides
  • Slime Release technology combines high biocide load with PTFE for better performance

  • Horizons enhanced formula utilizes an increased biocide load combinedwith PTFE to offer outstanding multi-season control in all types offouling. It employs a unique controlled erosion technology to minimizecoating build-up and keep underwater surfaces smooth. Its ablativesurface wears away with use providing a continuous supply of freshbiocides while eliminating the need for sanding. Horizons employs aSlime Release technology combining super-slick PTFE with a higher copperload for added performance and reduced friction. It can be hauled andre-launched without repainting. Horizons is an excellent bottom paintchoice for power or sailboats with fiberglass, wood or steel hulls.

    Use 120 Thinner for brushing, rolling or clean-up. Use 121 Thinner for spraying.

    275.95CAD $
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