Mirapakon MK300 biocide free antifouling protection 1L
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Mirapakon MK300 biocide free antifouling protection 1L

Product Code: 0000515438

MIRAPAKON MK300 Biocide Free-Fouling Release & Antifouling Coating

Designed to protect ship hulls and other submerged components. The Mirapakon WK300 is : Efficient, easy-to-apply, cost effective and environmentally friendly!


Single-component formula
Prevents the formation of biofilm
Does not bubble or peel off
Protects against UV
Protects against corrosion and bio-corrosion
Can be applied in temperatures ranging from 4 °C to 40 °C


Adheres to all surfaces: aluminium, fiberglass, steel, metal, wood and even Teflon
Increases boat speed
Reduces maintenance costs by 50%
Reduces fuel consumption by 10% to 20%
Optimizes shipyard operations
Reduces costs of sludge treatment processes
Extends the maintenance season
Reduces application time
Instant drying time (15-60 min)
Excellent performance when used for:
Applications requiring a non-toxic foul release coating
Hulls and Rudders
Out drive assemblies
Trim tabs
Aluminum and steel structures
164.95CAD $
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